Welcome to Geraghty Sport Horses

Geraghty Sport Horses is a small family run business which aims to produce and source, quality Irish horses for all disciplines. It is run by husband and wife team David and Georgette Geraghty and is based in the heart of Irish hunting country in Co Meath only 20 minutes from Dublin airport. Since its inception four years ago, GSH have exported horses to the UK, America, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Facilities here at Geraghty Sport Horses include; a 25x50m Sand Arena, 6 horse walker, Lunge Pen, Stabling, Plenty of turnout in the Meath countryside, Wonderful hacking, thanks to our generous neighbor’s. Access to cross country course and Hunting with the Meath Foxhounds, Ward Union Staghounds and Fingal Harriers.

All of our horses are open to vetting and there are a number of well respected Veterinary practices in the area.

Our history

The Geraghty family have been involved with horses going back generations, David’s Grandfather Laurence Geraghty bred Golden Miller, winner of 5 Cheltenham Gold Cups and an Aintree Grand National and produced many Dublin Show winners. David’s father, Kevin enjoys the breeding of sport horses and thoroughbreds. Most of the extended family are involved in the equine industry as breeders, trainers, jockeys, farriers or in amateur capacity.

David was a keen member of the Meath Hunt Pony Club as a youngster and also enjoyed riding in point-to-points. After studying a degree in Equine Science and Business Management from Writtle Agricultural College and time working for Goffs Bloodstock Sales, he returned home to the family business, hunting regularly and whipping-in to the Ward Union Staghounds. He has a keen eye for a horse and an ability to match clients to horses.

Georgette is originally from England, meeting David and moving to Ireland in early 2003, she has ridden to 3* level, and has produced many Eventers and show horses including The Masters Artist. Georgette also went to Writtle Agricultural College, where she graduated with a BSC in Agricultural Business Management. Her mother was a successful point to point jockey in the early 70’s and her sister is a successful owner and amateur event rider. Together they have one daughter, Polly who is continuing the line with her fantastic pony Shrek, who is now definitely part of the family.

Why buy an Irish Horse?

The Irish Sports Horse is the result of breeding an Irish Draught to another breed, usually a Thoroughbred or a European Warmblood, the cross results is an athletic, fast horse with the sensibility of the Draught. This type of horse has a worldwide famous reputation for being an exceptional sporting athlete, which can match every riders ability and ambition. The Irish horse has a trainable brain and fantastic attitude which means it can be produced by a true amateur and professional alike. These horses are part of Irelands rich heritage and culture, 2000 years of breeding have produce a versatile horse with an excellent temperament, bravery, stamina, soundness and athleticism which make wonderful sporting equine partners for competition or pleasure alike, while bringing a little bit of history home with you.


We believe that the correct training from an early age gives horses the confidence to go out into the world and stand on their own four feet. We regularly hack all our horses on their own and in company and they see all sorts of traffic when out and about. Every horse is extensively loose jumped at home in order for it to learn to use itself properly and to be confident in itself before the rider gets on board. All the horses enjoy going cross country schooling and we are lucky to be close to two good schooling grounds where we can teach the horses to deal with anything they will see once they leave us. The beach is not far from us and in the winter we regularly hunt.

We sell many of our horses on recommendations, professional referrals and return clients. We hope this website will provide you with all the information you need about us and our horses. If you want to know more about the current GSH horses, please visit the Horses for sale page. If you want to speak to us about your specific requirements please contact us.

In this day and age our reputation is everything, we aim to match horses to clients needs and abilities, and we are prepared to stand over all our horses.

The Geraghty team

David Geraghty


Georgette Geraghty


James Jennings